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PSI Molekane and Makoya Amanzi Sustainability

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Makoya Amanzi has recently started collaborating with PSI Molekane. This NGO was founded by Bridget Johnsen of the Paardeberg Sustainability Initiative (K2011127140 trading as PSI). It specifically looks at developing sustainable projects that incorporate waste, energy, water and community. Currently, the primary focus is introducing SEaB Energy as a small decentralised anaerobic digester. This tech will enable smaller, failing sewer systems to reduce the organic load, alleviating the pressure on downstream reticulation and treatment. This benefit, together with outputs of electricity, thermal energy, usable grey water and commercial grade compost, makes this uniquely sustainable with a good return on investment.

The project mechanism will include engineering design, installation, and then a strategic plan to involve local contractors through the non profit entity that will hold control and ownership. This not only benefits the community and environment, but is also offers corporates and institutions the opportunity to implement projects without long term ownership and loss of core focus.

PSI Molekane is also focused on solid and water waste issues and partners with various technology suppliers to find the most appropriate African solutions. Furthermore, a portion of profits from this company will be allocated to Alien Vegetation Management Projects in the PSI.

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