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A natural humic based bio-technology containing billions of microbes designed for the treatment of Grey Water and Black Water retention systems.  The bio-technology provides a natural break down, degradation and removal of waste matter, while controlling odour generation and benefiting soil absorption processes.


For first application add 180ml for every 100 liters of system capacity. For ongoing maintenance add 150ml each week.  Product may be applied directly to the sump or to any sink draining to the retention sump.Application may be at any time of day or night.

Microbe-Lift IND

MicrobeLift IND is a highly active liquid culture consortium design specifically for use in all industrial and municipal wastewater systems. MicrobeLift IND contains a blend of 29 select microorganisms with a specification of 387/450 million microorganisms/ml. MicrobeLift IND selected cultures promote increased biological degradation capabilities in all types and designs of biological wastewater systems. 
This novel microbial consortium provides reductions in final effluent BOD, COD, SS, and improves settling in final clarifiers, while reducing waste sludge volume in difficult to degrade compounds such as, fatty acids, various chemical compounds, hydrocarbons and fibrous matter.

  • Enhances overall biological degradation performance

  • Reduces shock kills, and provides stable operation

  • Provides rapid up-set recovery

  • Improves settling in final clarifier

  • Provides reductions in final effluent BOD, COD, and SS

  • Reduces and controls system odour

  • Provides reduction in sludge production

HWT SOG Trickling Filter

Sewage and Grey Water treatment has never been easier. And not just sewage treatment. The SOG Trickling Filter™ can also purify biodegradable industrial effluents.

The SOG Trickling Filter™ is a South African innovation, developed to suit the needs and budgets of any serious environmentalist. Not so long ago, the DWS (Department Water & Sanitation) made a plea to Sanitation Engineers; “Please make sewage treatment easy”.

Microbe-Lift Septic

Anaerobic bacteria must be replenished due to the bacteria-killing products used in the household. Microbe-lift restores and boosts the necessary bio-enzymatic action in your system improving overall performance.

Microbe-Lift’s 100% fully matured anaerobic bacteria goes to work in situations where there is no air present (your septic system). It is harmless to man, animal, and plant life, and is 100% safe to groundwater.

  • Guaranteed to Digest Grease, Fats, Oils and Tissues

  • Improves System Performance

  • Non-Toxic, Non-Pathogenic & Non-CAUSTIC

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